Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hack Week , Desklets

Too much time since my last post, it is really hard for me write text, I prefer speak or write code lines. I have been working in the past few weeks on Moonlight (Free implementation of Silverlight), and seeing as Moonlight is a perfect way to get things like OSX Dashboard or Google Gadgets. This week all of us working at Novell are free to work on any pet project we want, so I write my idea on "Ideas Wiki" and other guys (Andreia, Fumasa, Marek, Rodrigo and Miguel) join with me in this funny project.

The YouTube video resolution is not so good then let me show you some nice shots with better resolution:

De Desklets

De Desklets

I can't live without these sweet things anymore ;-)


fumasa said...
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fumasa said...

nice video everaldo... :D now let's try here without pt-br... xD


WorldMaker said...

Ooh... pretty. Get to packaging that goodness already! :-P