Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Mono on Nokia 770/800

Last weekend finally I was finished the Mono packages for Nokia 770/800 devices, Wade helped me to get apt repository available. To make things more easy we made available an "Single Install Click" for Mono runtime and for Paco's PEditGtkSharp an small gtk-sharp text editior. Dependency check really make life easy, as example when you install PEditGtkSharp all need stuff (mono-runtime, gtk-sharp and maemo-sharp) is also installed.

For who wants install packages by hand, the N770 repository is:

  deb mistral user

and N800:

  deb bora user

Scratchbox developer kit is also available as binary. An wiki entry is also set up to give more information about Mono on Maemo.

The screenshot comes from Torello Querci. Unfortunately I cant buy Nokia N800 from Brazil, today I receive a mail from Nokia and they saw that to buy a device I must have a credit card emitted in USA. Maybe they can also restrict the Maemo download for non USA/Europe people ;-)


Charles said...

The install packages seem to be missing?

everaldo said...

It is fixed now :)

Charles said...

It Worked Great! Thank you.