Monday, May 19, 2008

Mono 1.9.1 and WinForms available for Maemo

During the last Novell HackWeek, me, Torello Querci and Jae Stutzman work a little on Mono packages for Maemo, we also worked a little on Tomboy port to Maemo. Last weekend I just released latest Mono for Maemo packages, the news include WinForms, ADO.NET, and Maemo-Sharp for Maemo 4 (OS2008).

If you want to play a little with the packages just add this repository to your N810:

deb chinook test

Sometimes pictures say more than a thousand words:

MonoCalendar (WinForms) running on N810

CSharpTetris (also WinForms) game running on my N810

And whoever wants to run Tomboy on N8xx devices, this is the one click install.

Packages are in test repositories for now because I am not sure about the way how we make packages available, looks a little hard to manage lots of small packages, we have now about 30 mono packages, we use the same package conventions of Mono for Debian/Ubuntu but maybe that is not the best way, as example, Python is distributed for Maemo in only one big package.

One big package looks bad for me so, my idea is to have only few packages and only Mono 2.0 (gmcs) stuff available:

  • mono-runtime
  • mono-system (including libralies, maemo-sharp and gtk-sharp)
  • mono-winforms
  • mono-data
If you have any idea about a better division of packages or some ideas, please send us a comment and we will check it for next version.


Kristian Damián said...

one big package looks bad if you have internet access, but if not, is a pain in the ass download all the packages and install it one by one, so, why not both options?

Alendit said...


nice work, thx. Now, it makes sense to use tomboy, if you can access it any time.

I got some problems, when I tried to compile tomboy by myself. configure script wants maemo-sharp package (which is installed) and can't find it in pkg-config. Is there a development package for maemo-sharp?

everaldo said...

Hey, I need to release a new version of mono-devkit with maemo-sharp included, I will so it as son as possible (Tuesday). I will keep you guys posted.

stevenf said...


Thanks for working on this! I'd love to run Tomboy on my tablet.

I ran into two problems with the one-click install you posted for Tomboy:

1. On a N810 the install fails at about 10% with the message "Cannot install Tomboy" or something equally uninformative.

2. On an N800, the install was successful, but hyperlinks don't work. If you tap on them, they behave like any other text.

Am I doing something wrong? :)

Marcus said...

@stevenf - I had the same prblem on my n800, the links dont work (although tomboy seems to work otherwise)

Anyone get them to work?

Andy Burnett said...

I just tried to install the package on my N800, and I get the error message "unable to download tomboy application package not found".

Have you moved things around? I am using the one click installer


RobotII said...

Looks like the latest update changed the default distro to diablo.

If you add in the repository, or better change the existing one to add chinook into the distro box, it should download.

Andy Burnett said...

Thanks for the response. I am running Diablo on the N800. Unfortunately, I know very little about *nix, hence my interest in the one click install. I have an N810 still running Chinook, so I will try that as well


Andy Burnett said...

OK, I have just tested it. The one click link works fine for Chinook, but not for Diablo. Is it difficult to fix this?